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About " Bois "

" Corsica atelier Bois " creats many kind of hand-making works, wich go along with a natural life.



The concept of " Corsica atelier bois " is nature.
The wood grain and shell pattern are beautiful arts as they are.
We make a piece with natural material such as trees, stones, and shell,
because we would like to provide a life you can feel nature...

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About Nico



Nicolas Le baquer
Born in 23, Norvember,1972

Now He lives in Corsica island in France and also in Kyoto.

When he was a little boy, he started to paint and craft.
Since 16 years old he started to work, and when 19 years old, studied about stone decorations, ceramics, and wood construction.

About 23 years old, learned about wood crafting tecqunique from a master who is expert at antique furniture fixing.
Around same time, opened his own atelier and started to provide wood houses and accesories.

About 25 years old, started to travel 40,000km in Asia and started to create "LE PETIT VOYAGE DE ASIE" as a kid's book.

When 26 years old, he worked as a director of a funiture fixing department in a antique furniture fuctory in Montpellier, France.

In 2004, He came to Japan. Favorite foods are Maguro-sushi and Unagi-donburi. Favorite places of Japan are Shirakawa-Unsuikyou in Yaku-shima, Kumano, and Otagi-nenbutsu-dera in Kyoto.
He like trecking, painting, reading, cooking, playing dram, piano, and harmonica. Born to be ecologist...

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