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Guest house & Bar WARAKU

" WARAKU-AN " is the guest house that will open in Kyoto soon. We try to make a hostel having a flavor of traditional Japan, which is improved a old japanese style house.
We also would like to provide a room with cheap price, because we wish you can take your time to feel Kyoto.

Our guest house will be open in spring of 2006, so please wait a little more.

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※following photoes are images of Kyoto.

The guest house to enjoy 和(wa),"和楽庵(WARAKU-AN)"

"和(wa)"means Japanese, Harmony, and Relax...

These "和(wa)" are what we would provide for you.

Easygoing stay in Kyoto, in a cheap guest house

According to one estimate, 3 out of 4 people who travel in kyoto don't stay overnight, and also people who stay overnight stay just 2nights on average. We wish you can take your time more to feel Kyoto.

It will be around 2,500yen for 1person 1night in WARAKU-AN. Would you like to stay more in kyoto, and travel like easygoing walking...

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